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Valentine's Day/Date Night Idea

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Valentine’s Day Gift/Date Idea - Walk through a cemetery garden with a loved one… perhaps to visit a loved one.

It may sound dark; I promise it's anything but. If you haven’t visited a cemetery in February, you really ought to consider it. They are often bursting with bright flowers, memorabilia, and love. Sometimes you will stumble across something truly remarkable like someone who lived to be over 100, or stroll across a headstone recently adorned with letters, flowers, or even balloons. If you have the opportunity this February, take the time to visit someone you, or your Valentine, knew.

Should you plan to visit soon, please let me know. I am a Headstone Gardener.

Oftentimes, especially when you are visiting a headstone of someone you knew, you’ll notice the headstone hasn’t been tended to as you’d hoped and has lost much of its original radiance. This is where I can help. 😊

If you or someone you know has a loved one who rests at a cemetery here in Phoenix, consider gifting a Headstone Gardening Service. Headstone visitation can be tremendously difficult yet, at the same time, provide the same depth of healing and a remarkable sense of grounding.

Should you gift the service to someone who can’t visit in person (lives out of state or otherwise), knowing, and seeing, that their loved one is being cared for is a positive way to acknowledge and celebrate their life. With my service, once the headstone is groomed and adorned with flowers, you will be sent a photo that can be shared or kept as a personal keepsake.

If you do plan to visit a cemetery garden with your Valentine, or have visited recently, I would love for you to join my online “Branch & Posy” community and share your experience. You can also submit “Just Because” requests – a complimentary headstone gardening service I provide as much as I can.



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