"Just Because" Initiative

Updated: May 6

The Just Because Initiative is the gift of a complimentary Headstone Gardening Service offered well… Just Because!

Maybe you know someone who was an outstanding member of your community? Someone who served in our armed forces? Maybe someone who is greatly missed?

There are no requirements to submit a Just Because request so please feel free to submit yours. And don’t feel shy about making your request - In fact, it’d really mean a lot to me if you did!

If you know someone who has been laid to rest in a Tucson or Phoenix-area cemetery, and you or someone you know would like to see their headstone tended to, I would appreciate the opportunity to visit their headstone to provide Landscape Trimming as well as a Bathe & Brush Service. If you’d like, I’d be happy to add a botanical setting for adornment, and of course, I’ll send you photos of my work along the way.

All that is required to submit a Just Because Request are a few details about the person being honored such as their name and the name of the cemetery where they rest. The more information you can provide regarding the location of the headstone marker the better. If you’d be open to sharing, I’d also love to know a little bit about who they were and if there is a special circumstance for their remembrance.

There is no charge for the Just Because Service, however the initiative is supported through my Branch & Posy Online Market. If you support my cause - Feel free to shop around. :) You just may find your new favorite tee!

To submit your request, just go to "Services" and select "Book Now." You'll be booked and we'll be in touch from there. I look forward to receiving your requests and tending to your loved one's headstone.



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