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About Me

Allow me to introduce myself...

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My name is Katrina and I am a Headstone Gardener.

I recognize that headstone visitation is a deeply sentimental and personal experience and because of that, I promise to work on each headstone with a careful and kind hand and keep you apprised of the gardening process from start to finish.

Please take a look around at my Headstone Gardening Services and feel free to reach out with questions or special requests.  When you are ready to book your service, please do so online, through my website, or through my interactive Branch & Posy app.


Katrina Corella


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What inspired the creation of Branch & Posy?

There isn't one specific event in my life that I can refer to and say this is what inspired the creation of Branch & Posy - In fact, there are several.  I have been extended kindness throughout my life in so many ways, from so many different people. Whether it be from friends, family, or a stranger, that extension of kindness really is what Branch & Posy is all about.

That is where the name comes from - Branch & Posy. “Branch,” as in to extend an olive branch, and “Posy,” which is a small bunch of flowers. The Branch is the extension and the flowers are symbolic of hope, peace, and pause.

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